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contemporary oak frame self build home
09 January 2017
The Housing & Planning Act came into effect on 31st October 2016. With it came the requirement for local councils to take action by monitoring the demand for self and custom build in their areas...
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timber frame self build home
06 December 2016
Sajid Javid has hit the ground running since his appointment as secretary of state for communities and local government. He’s vowed to tackle the big housing developers about their perceived...
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solar thermal panels on a clay tile roof
28 October 2016
For years the government has encouraged us to create more homes and to construct them to a better standard – especially when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability. It’s a call self...
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masonry and timber frame hybrid
10 October 2016
Of all the self build topics I get asked about, the most prevalent is exemptions from taxes and levies, such as Section 106 (S106) agreements and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The S106...
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modern brick cottage
13 September 2016
I stayed up until 1:30am on 24th June and was awake again at 5am, as I couldn’t wait to find out how the Brexit referendum was playing out. As I watched the events of the following weeks, I was...
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timber clad rural eco home
10 August 2016
It’s been a busy couple of months, with two major self build and renovation exhibitions completed, including the inaugural Build It Live show in Bicester. Based just five minutes away from the...
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model kit home
13 July 2016
On 11th May, the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) reversed last year’s High Court decision to quash the relief from Section 106 planning obligation payments for small sites of 10 homes or fewer (...
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self build home with terrace
20 June 2016
It’s not especially often that the great and good of the self and custom build sector get together at anything other than at one of the many industry trade shows. However, we gathered in style to...
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brick clad ICF self build home
09 May 2016
The term ‘self build’ has been around for years. Murray Armor was probably the first to popularise it when he wrote his seminal book Building Your Own Home in 1978. For most of us, this path to...
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brick clad timber frame self build
11 April 2016
In self build, cash flow is king. The process tends to involve trying to create the best house you can with the money available – and that usually means using all of it! More often than not, your...