Doors & windows

sliding sash windows
There’s a whole host of factors to consider when updating your home’s fenestration – especially if you are dealing with a period property. Chris Bates helps you weigh up the best route for your project
Schueco sliding doors
Incorporating glazed doors into your home is a great way to fill your interiors with light, as well as capture views of the garden and beyond. Julian Owen investigates the pros and cons of the two most popular solutions
modern metal clad home
How do architects balance the need for light-filled homes that harness the sun’s energy, without introducing negative effects such as excessive solar gain? Here’s how to formulate a ‘daylight strategy’ for your project
glazed walkway
Building Regulations make sure that every home is built to a set of minimum standards, and compliance is mandatory. Here’s how they apply to glazing
timber window
If you want attractive, functional and efficient fenestration for your home, then using timber units could be the ideal choice
Rondo E80 double doors
A well-made front door that fits with the style of your house will offer fantastic kerb appeal, says Emily Brooks
Yale Doors front door
Find out how to choose the best style and features for your home’s entrance
triple glazed arts and crafts house
Should you invest in these ultra-efficient windows? Find out with our guide to triple glazing
Keylite bi-lite rooflights
Fitting roof windows could help you to bring more sunshine into your home's interiors
art deco house
Our guide to Art Deco windows, from maintaining & repairing steel frames to choosing authentic replacements


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