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Looking for an entrance door that will set your home apart? Chris Bates finds out how you can get it right
solar panels on renovated home
Rebecca Foster delves into some of the essential considerations when it comes to installing renewables as part of your home improvement scheme
oak frame self-build
What are they and how do they work? Mike Dade looks into when planning obligations can be helpful and when they can become a project burden
Mike Hardwick explains why the prices you call in from contractors can differ – and what you need to know to get an accurate figure for all the works involved in your project
Build It Awards Best Self-Build Architect or Designer
Our judges have a shortlist of 10 of the best self-build architects – now it’s your turn to help us pick a winner
restored original chimney stack
Uncovering an original detail could create a stunning focal point in your newly renovated house, but taking the incorrect approach to restoring it could damage its historic value. Alan Tierney explains how to reinstate heritage elements
Build It Awards Best Renovation / Extension Architect or Designer
Our judges have a shortlist of nine of the best renovation or extension architects and designers – now it’s your turn to help us pick a winner
engineered timber flooring
There’s plenty to consider when specifying wood flooring, from selecting a product that suits your home to applying the correct finish. Rebecca Foster explains how to get it right
Build It Awards best home 2017
Our judges have handpicked a six-strong shortlist of self-build, renovation and conversion projects – now it’s your turn to tell us which one you think deserves to be crowned the best home of 2017
lime render home
By using the right materials and detailing them in the correct way, you can create a dwelling with a long lifespan and minimal maintenance, says architect Julian Owen