Getting started

1950s renovation
Not sure whether to start from scratch or improve an existing property? Chris Bates runs through some of the key considerations that will help you decide which way to go
contemporary cantilever home
We reveal the tips and tricks that will help you nip potential issues in the bud before they start to have a significant impact on your self build
10 steps to self building your dream home
Self building could open the door to your bespoke home. We reveal the key steps to a custom build
Self build advice from the experts at Build It magazine
Want help to get your self build project started? Build It magazine's experts answer some of the most common beginner's questions
What is a self build home?
Looking for a new home that suits your needs from the ground up? Then self building could be for you
What are the benefits of self build?
If you like the idea of creating a home that suits you in terms of design, budget and lifestyle, then self build could be for you
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