Heating & Insulation

Worcester Wave smart thermostat
The latest bells-and-whistles thermostats give you instant, intuitive access to managing your home’s heating and hot water – but will they slash your bills? Chris Bates talks to the experts to find out
contemporary white radiator
A traditional heating setup offers a wealth of benefits. We investigate some of the misconceptions associated with radiators and explain why they could be a good match for your scheme
Worcester woodburning stoves
Martyn Bridges gives his expert view on common stove queries
Worcester’s Greenstar Highflow CDi series combi
Martyn Bridges reveals how to determine whether these appliances will complement your home, lifestyle and hot water usage
Sound proofing solutions
Sarah White shares her expert advice on soundproofing solutions for your home that can make noise issues a thing of the past
Nu-Heat underfloor heating
Installing underfloor heating in an existing property is no longer the huge upheaval that it used to be, thanks to low-profile water-based systems and electric options, says Emily Brooks
A kitchen after underfloor heating installation
What you need to know about specifying underfloor heating in your kitchen
Schluter underfloor heating cross-section
Choose between these heat emitters with our guide to the systems’ main pros and cons
Morso 7443 contemporary woodburning stove
From energy efficiency through to seasoning and storing fuel, Chris Bates answers the most common questions about woodburners
Nu-Heat's LoPro Max underfloor heating
Heather Oliver from Nu-Heat reveals why you should consider this system for your self build or renovation project


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