House style guides

curved contemporary bungalow
Architect Julian Owen investigates why bungalows are a popular house style choice for self builders and unveils the numerous advantages of single-storey living
18th century barn conversion
Converting a non-residential building into a home offers the opportunity for a unique dwelling that oozes design prowess. Here, Emily Smith unveils an array of impressive projects, along with some top tips from the experts
industrial conversion kitchen
Julian Owen reveals the key architectural elements required for establishing a pared-back industrial finish
oak frame cottage
Creating a traditional-style house that looks like it’s been in existence for centuries isn’t easy, especially when it also has to conform to modern building standards. Julian Owen explains why the details matter
Scandinavian style boathouse
Architect Julian Owen looks at the history of this key design trend to help you inject some Scandi character into your self build or renovation project
stone barn conversion
Well proportioned and full of character, agricultural structures can make attractive residential dwellings. Architect Julian Owen explains why they look like they do
A typical cottage in the Yorkshire Dales
Architect Julian Owen explores how the traditional house styles of northern England evolved
A Tudor-inspired self build by Scandia Hus
Architect Julian Owen explores Tudor house design and reveals which elements can bring instant character to a modern home
Georgian style self build home
These homes feature clean lines, high ceilings and plenty of natural light - will they inspire your project?
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