How can I build a hexagonal roof?

How can I build a hexagonal roof?

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A hexagon designed post & beam house.

I have an idea of my own which is a six angle round building (hexagon) of 7.6 meters (25’) each side. Circumference: 7 x 7.65 = 53.55 meter (176’). This gives a surface of 150sqmeters (1614sqft) living space. In the middle a masoned construction for a chimney which is also the bearer of the glulam beams from the centre to the corners of each section. 
The outside wall of one section is assembled as follows. Take two perimeter pallets of 1200 x 1000. (4’ x 3.3’) Put the pallets on top of each other so the width is 1000 (3.3’) and the height is 2400(4’). Nail on both sides 9” x 2” and finish at the bottom a 6” x 2”. This unit is the base section for assembling the outside wall. Bolt seven sections together with thread/nuts and filled in the join to the following angle of the hexagon with a sawn 60º piece of timber. The seven sections form one wall of (7 x 1 mtr(3.3’) + 13  x 5 [2”] = 7.65 meter (25’). Are you still  with me? 
The outside wall will be fitted with T&G 5” half round logs. Thick 1 1/2” Inside the pallets sheep wool insulation 6”, will be fitted and the 3” space left between pallets and 9”x2”- studs are for piping etc. Internal wall fitted with 8” x 4” sheets.
In the final design there must put in place sections for windows/doors etc.

I need some more advice how to assamble the roof trusses on the round masoned wall.

Asked by Marbert