How do I solve my waste connection issue?

How do I solve my waste connection issue?

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We paid a certified contractor to place a sewer connection to our boundary but they claim to have met with other services that meant raising the pipe by 200mm to overcome them. This left the connection at exactly the same height as the waste outlet under the main slab of the house some 8m away (so not enough fall to make an effective waste connection).

I'm being told that there's nothing for it but to put in a 2nd pumping station (we already have one for the basement - but it wasn't designed for the whole house!)? This is extremely frustrating and concerning as the design was not meant to rely on electricity or maintenance, and if the issue had been highlighted earlier, we could have changed the specification of the basement pumping station.

Q1: How common is it that the main house (in a street - it's an infill plot) is unable to connect to the main sewer? It seems our foundations are deeper than the neighbour's 1930's properties and that there are obstructing services at an unusually low depth under the pavement.

Q2: What remedy could you suggest is the best option in my circumstances? It's a 5 bed detached house and we move in in 2 weeks time!!

Asked by Bgregster