Insurance, tax & warranties

Self Build Homes & Site Insurance
Before you embark on a self build project, you need to look closely at the issues that could impact on your budget and schedule – and how you can manage them, says Simon Middleton
modern kitchen with island
Chris Bates sets out the consents and certificates you need to get in place before you can start to enjoy your self build home, and reveals how you can ensure the finished house meets your expectations
house constructed with oak frame and SIPs
Self builds are zero rated for VAT. Mike Hardwick explains what you'll be able to claim, and how to claim it
self-build plot
The moment you become a landowner, you’re liable for what happens on your plot. Self-Build Zone’s Paul Kempton explains how to protect your new property
Insuring your self build project
If you want to protect your project properly, it’s vital that you ensure it’s insured for the right sum throughout the construction phase, says Simon Middleton
Guide to project preliminaries
Expert Tim Doherty looks at costing up the initial stages of a self build scheme and what you need to account for
Self build structural warranties
John Hay gives a quick guide to structural warranties
Self build site insurance
John Hay gives the lowdown on site insurance
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