Low Cost Traditional Fisherman's Cottage Floor Plans

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traditional fisherman's cottage self build
Fact file: Traditional fisherman's cottage
Location: Moray
Project: Self build
House size: 94m2
Bedrooms: 2
Architect: Greig and Kathleen Munro

Self build house plans re-created using Arcon 3D Home Design Software,


When Architects Greig and Kathleen Munro came to build their own home they wanted to it to be as cost-effective as possible without sacrificing quality.

They designed and built a traditional timber frame fisherman's cottage that makes great use of open spaces, white painted wood cladding and intelligent storage solutions to counter it's 94m2 footprint.

A nautical theme prevails throughout with porthole windows and curved cladding on the ceiling.

On the outside, white acrylic lime render ensures it blends in with the traditional buildings that surround it. Two vibrant blue lean-to wooden structures have been bolted on at either end, adding interest to the shape of the rooms within.

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Ground floor
traditional fisherman's cottage ground floor plans
Upper floor
traditional fisherman's cottage first floor plans

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