Materials advice

Danish coal fired bricks
Create a decorative feature out of your home’s facade by building a pattern into the walls. Emily Smith investigates the options
Kitchen units from Europe
Mike Hardwick looks at the pros and cons of purchasing goods for your build overseas – and what you need to consider before you sign on the dotted line
Pyramid glass roof by IDSystems
Edward Stobart from IDSystems unveils the key factors to bear in mind when installing glazed elements within your home’s roof structure
Nu-Heat renewable heat sources
Sustainability expert Nigel Griffiths gives his inside advice on which renewable technologies make the perfect partners for heating and hot water
urban Passivhaus with MVHR
Specifying the right MVHR system for your highly insulated dwelling can be essential to meeting Passivhaus standards
Metro 130XT Tunnel Eco Wave gas closed fire by Dru
A dual-aspect unit could make a stunning centrepiece for your home. Emily Smith takes a closer look at the various ways to incorporate this stylish design element in your project
gabled dormer window
Inserting a dormer window into the slope of the roof could be the best way to maximise space in your home, but it's got to look good outside. Emily Smith investigates the options
penetrating damp and condensation mould
Period property expert Alan Tierney reveals how to properly identify and stop condensation and other damp issues in a heritage home
larch cladding
If you're searching for a hassle-free exterior finish that requires minimal upkeep, check out these options
Worcester Wave smart thermostat
The latest bells-and-whistles thermostats give you instant, intuitive access to managing your home’s heating and hot water – but will they slash your bills? Chris Bates talks to the experts to find out


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