Moving neighbours electricity supply on my property without wayleave agreement

Moving neighbours electricity supply on my property without wayleave agreement

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Can you offer any advice on wayleave issue with electricity and telephone lines on my plot. I have recently bought a steading with planning permission to convert to house. I need to re-route my neighbours electricity supply that runs over the top of the building.
I've contacted SSE who are the DNO. They have Quoted £7.5k to put the cable 75m underground if I dig trench, duct it, and infill. It involves replacing a pole that they claim needs additional stay. There is no wayleave on my property and the supply isn't for my property. my property gets its supply overhead separately from the same pole. I need the supply moved that's certain, and I would prefer my supply to also go underground while I'm doing the works. However, do I have any legal ammunition in my favor that I can use to reduce the cost - I.e. its not my supply and there is no wayleave?

I also have the same issue with a BT line, but I haven't got a quote from them yet - again no wayleave.

The wires would have been run when the steading was in the same ownership as the neighbours. Both properties were sold off separately.

The length of the underground lines would be approx. 75m.

£7.5k seems a bit much for 75m of 3c185mm² wavecon mains cable and a terminal pole if i'm doing the groundworks, especially as its not my supply. I did however ask them to put mine underground at the same time as this is the obvious thing to do.

Any advice would be appreciated
Thanks and regards
Gordon Robertson

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