Planning advice

Eco house on a new plot
What can you do if your application falls at the first hurdle? Mike Dade explains the options
modern single story extension
Not sure what you can and can't build without planning consent? Mike Dade sets out the facts
Stable converted into a home
Mike Dade explains the ins and outs of converting an historic structure to residential use
Getting your application validated is the key first step in the planning paper-trail, says Mike Dade
house floor plans
Mike Dade reveals the ins and outs of making a planning application
Self build with home office
Mike Dade looks at the opportunities and pitfalls homeworking presents for self builders
Dealing with the planners
Mike Dade takes a look at some clever ways to secure planning consent
Planning applications for new housing
Mike Dade reveals what's involved in getting your planning application into shape
Getting your house design through planning
Mike Dade reveals how to get your house design through planning
Mike Dade reveals why you should consider proper access before buying a plot


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