Project cost breakdowns

Attached double garage on a self build home
How much will it cost to build a garage and lay a driveway? Price the job with Build It's in-depth guide
Limestone flooring by Mandarin Stone
What will it cost to install a new floor in your home? Tim Doherty prices up the major options, from natural stone to wood and vinyl
The Sutherlands have used cedar shingles for their roof, which - together with the structure - cost £17,000
Expert Tim Doherty explains the costs involved in covering your home’s roof
Roof structure with solar panels
Tim Doherty guides you through the costs involved in constructing your home’s crowning glory
Insulating concrete formwork construction
How much does it cost to build a wall? Tim Doherty prices up brick and block cavity wall construction, insulation and alternative methods
Drain pipes
From drainage and septic tanks to mains gas connections, Tim Doherty looks at the costs involved with getting your utilities in order
Open plan home with solar thermal panels
David Hilton & Sarah Herbert look at whether micro-renewables will actually save you money
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