solar panels on renovated home
Rebecca Foster delves into some of the essential considerations when it comes to installing renewables as part of your home improvement scheme
Nu-Heat renewable heat sources
Sustainability expert Nigel Griffiths gives his inside advice on which renewable technologies make the perfect partners for heating and hot water
urban Passivhaus with MVHR
Specifying the right MVHR system for your highly insulated dwelling can be essential to meeting Passivhaus standards
Ice Energy air source heat pump
Air source heat pumps are a popular renewable solution for homeowners looking to keep a lid on rising fuel bills. Rebecca Foster explains why this kind of technology might be the ideal option for your project
Genvex Premium MVHR unit
Offering year-round fresh ventilation and a welcome boost of low-cost warmth during the colder months, this system is becoming a must-have for many self build projects
solar thermal panels
Harnessing the Sun's energy could lower your heating bills considerably. Here's what you need to know when specifying a solar hot water array
Toba Hydro pellet stove from Green Square
Emily Brooks outlines how to make the most of the appealing RHI scheme for heat generated via renewable technologies
Worcester's Greenstore LECP heat pump system
Thinking of installing a renewable heating system? Martyn Bridges from Worcester, Bosch Group, answers homeowners’ most common questions about this popular technology
Two types of heat pump coil: vertical bore hole and horizontal ground loop
Looking to cut your carbon footprint whilst lowering your heating bills? Read on to find out why a heat pump might be right for your project
Buyer's guide to solar electric panels
Everything you need to know about photovoltaic panels, from how they work to how much they cost


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