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stable block conversion
Conservation expert Alan Tierney explores how to take a sensitive, informed and realistic approach to making a traditional home more energy efficient
self build stone Passivhaus
Architect Julian Owen looks at a range of eco considerations to include in your house plans if you want to create a truly sustainable home
Thermafleece CosyWool natural insulation
One of the best ways to lock heat inside your home is to pack in plenty of insulation. From sheep’s wool to hemp, Rebecca Foster explores the array of natural options available for sustainable home building projects
wheelchair ramp in lifetime home
Consider your family’s current and future requirements at the planning stages of your project, and you’ll be rewarded with a home that can be easily adapted over time to suit your lifestyle
Cellulose insulation laid  on a membrane between the joists of a suspended timber floor
Historic properties not only have low embodied energy, but many are not as inefficient as you may think – and there are lots of ways to make improvements without harming the character, says Alan Tierney
Facit Home eco house
Taking a fabric first approach to design and construction is the best route to achieving a comfortable, low-energy home for life. Emily Brooks puts together the crucial components of a sustainable project
The Marnham's eco house is insulated with Celotex
The energy efficiency requirements of the Building Regulations have changed. Mike Hardwick explains what self builders need to know
EDF Renovation House at BuildStore
Want to make your home more energy efficient? Here’s our 10 steps to a sustainable renovation project
Centre for Disability Studies, a UK Passivhaus in Essex
Interested in a super-efficient house and dramatically lower fuel bills? Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of Passivhaus
A sustainable self build home
Want a green home with low running costs? Find out why you need to take a 'fabric first' approach to constructing your self build home


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