Beginner's guides

Self-builds and renovations must comply with basic healthy, safety and efficiency standards. Andy Butchers gives his top tips on how to ensure you get the requisite approvals in place
energy efficient self-build home
Looking to self-build your own ultra-efficient home? These schemes reveal the range of design and materials options available for low-energy homes
contemporary london eco house
Want to create a light-filled modern house and looking for inspiration in your price range? Check out these diverse bespoke projects
small sustainable self build
Want to create a high-spec new house on a budget? Check out these amazing projects
timber clad self build
Self build and renovation expert Mike Hardwick looks at some of the best ways for you to get involved in your construction project, whatever your skill level
modern timber clad house on the Isle of Skye
In the first of a three-part series on project management, Mike Hardwick looks at hiring an industry expert
House design sketch
Not sure where to start with designing your new home? Follow architect Opinder Liddar's guide to the four stages of house design
Find a tradesman for your self build home
Mike Hardwick reveals how to track down the right contractor for your self build or renovation project
A self build home made of straw bale
Want to build an eco-friendly property with low running costs? Check out our guide to the basics of sustainable homes
Buying materials for a self build project
Tracking down the right materials is all about researching what suits your project, budget and work schedule


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