What is the very cheapest that a basic house could be built for?

What is the very cheapest that a basic house could be built for?

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I have a young family. We are currently renting. We've been trying to buy a house now but the price for what you get really isn't great. When we do find something we like, that we can work on, there are so many bidders that we'd have to throw money away just to get the property.

I've always wondered why we feel we have to buy complex houses that are up to 150 years old, when the basic concept of building a house is so natural to us as humans. Why can't we just build ourselves our own home?

So my question really is, what is the cheapest that a basic house could be built for? I'm not thinking of a conventional house, nor a grand design, I'm thinking more of this is a purely mathematical fashion.

What is the cheapest shape? Square with two stories? Rectangular with one story? What about the standard "barn" shape, which is say 1:4 width:length, with a simple standard pointed roof?

If you built the general barn shape, you could sub divide it into rooms: a kitchen/diner at one end, which opens out into a living space, with three bedrooms, and a bathroom at the other end. Is this not the most basic "three bedroom, one bathroom + living area" design that you could make?

How much would it cost to erect the building in that shape? Is there a particular manner of construction that is cheaper, such as timber frame and block walls?

How much would the interior walls cost? How much needs to be spent on other things such as connecting water, gas, electricity, etc?

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