Build It Estimating Service

Build It Estimating Service is a tailored service that allows you to take control of your budget by providing you with a thorough report including live material and labour costs. Answer vital questions such as: “What will it cost to build?” and “Is my builder’s quote a fair price?” Build It Estimating Service, powered by […]

Build It Estimating Service Pricing Structure

This is a pricing overview for Build It Estimating Service. Please note that all prices exclude VAT. New build Home extension Loft conversion Garage Calculating Areas Prices are based on the external area of your proposed development. The area is calculated by adding together the external areas of each floor. For NEW BUILDS the area includes each floor […]

Build It Estimating Service Benchmark Report

Need a broad outline of your overall build costs before you decide which route to take? Why not send us your plans and request a Benchmark Report? This two page document gives accurate headline figures of your build cost to help you understand the broad outline of your project. The table below details the key […]

32 Ways to Start Your Self Build Project in 2018

Is self build for me? Self builders come from pretty much every walk of life – from families keen to build an affordable home that can adapt over time, through to empty nesters looking to downsize to a high-spec house with minimal running costs. If you’re at the early stages of looking into this route […]

Self Build Routes & Costs

When it comes to constructing your new home, the term ‘self build’ can be a bit misleading. The fact is that only a small proportion of individuals actually do the structural work themselves. Instead, most will employ a team of builders (or at the very least hire individual trades) so that the right skills are […]

Estimating Your Self-Build Costs

If you’re just starting out on a self-build project, there’s probably one big question at the front of your mind: how much will it cost? After all, this is an opportunity to create a truly bespoke home and you’re understandably going to want to achieve the best design and build quality you can afford, without […]

How to get Value for Money on your Self Build

Understanding the reality of what it costs to build your own home is vital if you’re to enjoy a successful project. For a few lucky people, money is not much of an obstacle and they can indulge their every whim on spectacular design, top-quality materials and every technological innovation under the sun. I don’t meet […]

Build It Live 2019

If you’re planning a self build, renovating a property, or looking to add space, light and value to your current home, then make sure you visit Build It Live, our dedicated exhibitions for real self-builders! Meet Build It’s team of experts face to face and receive one-to-one expert advice for your project, plus see thousands […]

Budgeting to Build Your Own Home

Every year thousands of people build their own home, and thousands more dream about it. Contrary to popular belief, most people who achieve their self-build ambition don’t have stacks and stacks of cash, nor do they always have an expert knowledge of the house building industry or prior experience in the field. Novice self-builders should […]

How to Save £10,000s on your Self Build Project

If you’re in the early stages of planning a self build project, you’re probably focused on one thing: finding and buying the ideal plot of land at the best price you can. Creating your own home from scratch comes with many budgeting benefits, including the fact you won’t have to pay VAT on most of […]

What can you Build for your Budget?

People choose to self-build for many reasons, but in my role collating our readers’ homes articles, one that I’ve seen crop up time and time again is the idea that you can often get so much more for your money in comparison to buying a ready-to-move-into property from an estate agent. This is undoubtedly a […]

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