room acoustic insulation

Acara Concepts supply the Lignotrend range of natural timber sound absorption panels which significantly reduce echo and reverberation from within a room.

This creates an ambient and calm atmosphere so that speech intelligibility and clarity is significantly improved.

These finished boards are very contemporary and aesthetically pleasing on ceilings and walls.

These high quality German made LIGNO acoustic panels are ‘natureplus’ certified which confirms that the panels are ecological, sustainable and toxic-free so they provide a very healthy ceiling or wall covering as well as a reduction in stress from noisy backgrounds.

The panels are made from solid silver fir or oak timber slats with a wood fibre backing as the absorption layer.

The LIGNO Acoustic Light 3S-33 / 3G-33 panels have a specially engineered structure which is excellent at absorbing sound so that background noise levels are reduced within a room.

Because many contemporary homes now consist of large open-plan spaces with hard surfaces, noise can bounce around the room constantly which can be very irritating. LIGNO acoustic panels are also suitable in commercial buildings.

They are generally fitted onto timber battens at depths of 30mm to 200mm.  Acoustic fibrous insulation can also be placed in the cavity if further sound absorption is required.

Acara Concepts can offer a Room Acoustic Calculation which will give the expected reverberation time after the panels have been installed and will also give guidance as to how many panels will be required in the room.

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