acara wall insulation

Pavatex wood fibre natural insulation provides a high level of thermal resistance in roofs, walls (both internally and externally), suspended floors and lofts to reduce heat loss and to save on energy costs.

For our added health and well-being, wood fibre softboards are a totally natural, sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Pavatex wood fibre insulation is breathable (vapour-open), hygroscopic and capillary-active which means that the insulation can both absorb and release moisture from inside the building as well as from the structure itself, and this will then evaporate.

This avoids condensation, mould growth, dust mite populations and humidity in buildings resulting in a dry and healthy building.  This diffusion open capacity is critical when insulating older solid walled buildings which must remain breathable in order to avoid decay.

Pavatex wood fibre thermal insulation products have a higher density than conventional insulation, and this coupled with their high Specific Heat Capacity, means that they protect properties from extremes of temperature – they keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The thermal mass properties of the wood fibre insulation means that the heat is stored in the roof and walls during the day and is gradually released into the building during the night as it cools. This is critical for timber frame buildings and converted loft spaces.

In addition airborne and impact sound insulation will be enhanced in the building due to the high density of the wood fibre.

There are Pavatex wood fibre products suitable for insulating walls externally and these can be rendered directly or finished with ventilated cladding.

There are also products available for insulating walls internally which can be directly plastered or finished with plasterboard.

Roofs can be insulated either externally or internally at rafter level, or the attic floor can be insulated.

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