PhoneStar insulation by Acara

PhoneStar is an ultra-effective 15mm thick soundproofing board that significantly reduces both airborne sound, such as talking or music, and impact sound, such as footstep noise.

PhoneStar has a unique structural cardboard and sand structure which means that it is heavy, dense and soft. These are the critical characteristics required to reduce sound because the PhoneStar acoustic insulation boards add mass to the structure but they are not hard or rigid, and so do not vibrate against other structures.

Our soundproofing insulation is ideal to install on floors, walls and ceilings and the structure can be masonry or timber frame. It is easily fitted as part of both new build or refurbishment projects and is regularly installed to reduce noise from noisy neighbours.

PhoneStar acoustic insulation boards will meet and exceed Building Regulations for Sound – Technical Guidance Document E (Ire) or Technical Booklet G for Sound (N Ire) as part of simple systems.

Our sound insulation has been tested on a simple timber joist floor structure and it gave very impressive results of 59 dB (Rw) for airborne sound and 56 dB (Ln,w) for impact sound, when combined with resilient bars and acoustic plasterboard on the ceiling below. It reduces impact sound through concrete floors by 22dB (ΔLw).

Because PhoneStar soundproofing panels are so slim, they take up very little precious room space and have an easy-to-handle size of 1200 x 800mm.  PhoneStar panels also add thermal mass to buildings, so they are ideal to use with underfloor heating and are suitable to replace a wet screed.

PhoneStar acoustic insulation boards are breathable or vapour-open and made from natural materials, making them healthy and safe for both the occupants and the environment.


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