MVHR in House

Mehanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) provides continuous 24-hour whole house extract ventilation and heat recovery. It extracts stale, moist air from wet rooms before a heat exchanger within the unit transfers up to 90% of the heat into fresh air. This is then supplied into habitable rooms.

A summer bypass allows the fresh air to be supplied without heat recovery Zehnder MVHR solutions are Air Craft’s preferred choice for energy efficiency and the provision of excellent air quality. Passive House accredited and complying with System 4 of the current Building Regulations, the Zehnder range of domestic HRV and ERV units that ensure balanced whole house ventilation and a year-round comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor climate.

Zehnder’s range can be customised to meet the individual requirements of any residential building, from smaller apartments through to large, luxury houses in both new build and renovation projects.

A Passive House must always have an integrated MVHR system as only the highest quality of ventilation is acceptable to ensure stringent humidity control and for air tempering. The Passive House comfort standard means that only those components that have been rigourously tested and approved can be used within the building. ComfoAir and ComfoPost air to water exchangers meet these requirements.

The Zehnder Enthalpy Exchange recovers both the thermal and the latent energy from stale air extracted from wet rooms around the home which would otherwise have been wasted. This extra energy is transferred into the incoming fresh air stream before being supplied to habitable rooms. By choosing Enthalpy rather than a standard heat exchanger, the unit becomes an Energy Recovery Ventilation system (ERV).


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