drainage pipe

A great choice of aluminium downpipes to fulfil any aesthetics expectations – range of modern and traditional look; circular, square or rectangular shapes. The range offers high performing flow rates and a functional life expectancy of 50 years and more with minimum maintenance. Made of aluminium – a sustainable material and infinitely recyclable. Marley Alutec only uses the highest quality marine grade aluminium, greatly increasing durability. 19 standard colour range including Heritage Black, which has a textured surface to accurately replicate the appearance of traditional cast iron gutters, downpipes and hoppers.

Downpipe Ranges:

Evolve Downpipe System – A circular 63mm downpipe for use with Evolve Half Round Gutter System.

Tudor Downpipe System – Circular 63mm, 76mm and 102mm downpipes, the ultimate low-cost replacement for cast iron downpipes.

Flushfit Downpipe System – Available as circular, square and rectangular in various sizes, sleek downpipe system with internal joints for modern building designs.

Traditional Downpipe System – Available in 72x72mm, 102x102mm and 102x76mm sizes, cast socketed downpipe system for modern and traditional buildings, a perfect replacement for cast iron.

Vandal Resistant Downpipe System – Available in 72x72mm, 102x102mm and 102x76mm sizes, back to wall fixing with no projecting profiles make it non-climbable & vandal resistant, ideal for public or higher security areas.

Hopper Heads Ranges:

The widest range of aluminium hoppers on the market, available in numerous shapes, profiles, sizes and in 19 standard colours. We also offer non – standard bespoke hoppers on request.

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