Amina invisible speaker

Amina Mobius Invisible Loudspeakers are designed to be set into a wall or ceiling and covered by a 2mm plaster skim, then decorated, ensuring they are invisible in application.

The speakers create sound in a way that is more analogous to acoustical musical instruments such as a violin or classical guitar through using tiny vibrations in its light weight composite “soundboard” front panel.

Creating sound in this traditional way means that all frequencies are spread hemi-spherically from the wall or ceiling providing consistent high clarity room filling sound. The advantages of creating sound using this technology include:

  • The ability to have a whole house multi-room audio solution with zero visual intrusion
  • The opportunity to create a multi-function lounge which can both be perfect for entertaining family or friends and can provide full Dolby Atmos cinematic immersive experience. The technology creates a large sweet spot allowing everyone to enjoy the full 3D audio experience.
  • Having a sound reproducing technology that works well in acoustically harsh areas popular in modern homes
  • The requirement to use significantly fewer speakers to fill a large open plan area with a consistent volume and quality of audio reproduction.

The speakers are designed to replace a small area of plasterboard in the wall or ceiling. The join between the two is filled, ahead of a final 1.5-2.00mm skim of plaster being applied. The room can then be decorated with paint or wallpaper as required.

Additionally the speakers can be rendered invisible in application behind other materials such a wood, wood veneer, leather, laminates or even sheet stone on concrete up to 2mm deep.

Amina Mobius speakers provide the freedom to have your home sounding and looking just as you want.

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