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A Direct Pressure System is the most popular, cost-effective and risk-free option for rainwater harvesting. It can be used for both garden and household applications, for example, it can be used in buildings with a small block of toilets or for garden irrigation. The system sends pressurised water straight from the external tank directly to the application. If the water level in the tank gets too low, the top-up controller will activate a mains top up so the tank doesn’t empty.


• B Series pumps are stainless steel pumps and are suitable for rainwater harvesting. They combine with a float switch to help protect the pump from running dry.

• A rodent guard protects the internal water from rodents and large debris which could contaminate the water entering via the overflow

• The Patronen Filter is designed with a level drop, this allows excess direct to be rinsed straight through into the sewer or overflow. The filter cartridge mesh is stainless steel within plastic housing and is self-cleaning, though regular inspection is recommended

• The calmed inlet removes the kinetic energy from the water as it enters the tank. Meaning that as the water enters it doesn’t stir up the contents of the tank.

• The turret set provides the connection between the pump and the pipework leading to the various external applications. They are made from flexible plastic so can easily deal with the pressurised water coming from the pump.

• The pump lifting chain aids in servicing the pump as it allows the pump to be easily pulled up towards the top of the tank.

• A floating intake ensures that no water from either the bottom or the surface of the tank is taken in. Meaning only clean water passes through the system and is pumped into the household.

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