Baufritz turnkey home- Exterior shot with swimming pool and balconies

When Sarah and Trevor Bond approached Baufritz to build their family home, they were in good company as there are currently four Baufritz homes immediately nearby. The Bonds wanted an understated home that was beautiful in its simplicity: good proportions, classical layouts, interpreted in a modern way was what they were seeking from their House Designer.

Closely allied to this, the built quality and finishes had to achieve the same standards. Sarah and Trevor believed that Baufritz offered the perfect turnkey solution to design and build such a home.

The home is on a narrow sloping site leading to the River Thames, so the design needed to reflect this with the main rooms facing the river.

Simple features such as smaller windows on the northern facade and larger windows on the southern facade were the obvious solution, as the house was orientated almost perfectly north-south. Modern twists such as a glazed entrance and glazed balconies gave the home a modern, yet understated twist.

White render and silver-grey larch were used to finish off the building. The result is a modern, loose take on a large country villa that stands proud and tall in its setting. House Designer Peter Cox recalls: “The overall footprint available, given the site and planning constraints, meant that the internal spaces had to be carefully handled to maximize room sizes and the sense of light and space.”

A lower ground floor on the southern facade gives access to the pool area. The lower level is used primarily for entertainment, fitness and games by this busy family of six. It is from this side that the magnificence of such a home can be best appreciated: the views looking back from the river reveal a home over three imposing floors with balconies on the upper levels and a pool terrace below.

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