Timber clad house

Model house Lichtblick heralds a new chapter in healthier sustainable construction, without having to compromise on living comfort. With the help of sophisticated innovation, highly efficient climate protection technology, the Baufritz health concept and highly flexible compact planning, the newest model house is incredibly healthy.

The straightforward, compact, family house shows itself in a natural, wooden exterior. delivering the modern style preferences of many clients. At almost 130 square meters, spread over two floors (plus basement and extension module) it is based on the Austrian “Vorarlberg architecture”.  The designers succeeded in realising a house with over 89% wood content, well above current standards.

The horizontal, rough sawn, untreated Credo spruce facade shapes the appearance of the house. The filigree narrow slats provide a stylish partial view of the loggia and the structurally strong wood decor inserts made from local Fir wood between the windows, give the look of the house a special charm, without being too conspicuous.

Model house “Lichtblick” is not only a CO2-neutral building, it even has a positive climate credit, which takes into account the often concealed “grey energy”. In other words: thanks to intelligent planning, space-optimised living and state-of-the-art efficiency technology, the house maximises its positive sustainability credentials.

A special highlight is also the anchored idea of ​​the “growing house”. In this way, a flat roof extension is docked to the house, via a docked connection module, with which “Lichtblick” can grow as needed.

The new Baufritz model house “Lichtblick” delivers living and life with the highest possible health and climate protection, while creating flexible future living configurations entirely according to the changing needs and wishes of its residents.


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