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There are two things to remember if you are building or renovating:

● Why spend thousands of pounds insulating your home just to have the heat escape through extractor fans and window vents?
● Why improve the airtightness and then breathe the same air repeatedly causing health problems to the occupants?

The solution is to install a heat recovery system that will provide both fresh filtered air and recover up to 90% of normally wasted heat.
● Constant supply of fresh, healthy, filtered air to your home
● The best available ventilation system for new or existing homes
● No trickle vents or bathroom extractor fans required
● Eliminates mould, mildew and combats condensation
● Recovers up to 95% of heat extracted from wet rooms
● Natural cooling without opening windows
● Radon dispersion
● Balanced heat distribution throughout the home
● Your home is quieter and draught free
● Complies with the latest building control requirements
● Conically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers
● A fully controllable system with manual or remote controls
● Reduce your heating costs by up to 25%

Futureproofing your home
As buildings are becoming more and more efficient at heat retention and energy consumption it is commonly recognised that the use of a heat recovery system will become the most preferred option, we always recommend that if installing a system is not in your budget that you at least install the ductwork to the ground floor rooms allowing for you to easily retrofit in the future.
Environmental Importance
Nearly half of global energy is used in buildings and half of the heating cost is caused by ventilation when it is done by the “open window method! To use proper heat recovery ventilation is the most cost-efficient, sustainable and quickest way to reduce global energy consumption and still provide better indoor air quality and environment

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