NUR HOLZ timber panels

Our NUR-HOLZ prefabricated panels are manufactured individually. We offer exterior and interior walls with thicknesses from 12.5 cm to 35 cm, as well as ceiling and roof elements of 17.9 cm or 20.8 cm and a span width of up to 6 metres. The ceiling element is often also used as a finished floor.

Due to their quality, NUR-HOLZ panels are excellently suited to timber frame homes with a breather membrane layer (diffusion-open) and those built from a single material (mono-material).

The individual elements are manufactured to fit exactly, including window and door openings, as well as, for example, preparation for supply lines (cable and pipe slots).

The wall surface can be finished in a high-quality visible material on request, with various types of wood available – for example, Swiss stone pine, old wood or silver fir – as a brushed surface or in a non-visible finish.

The non-visible option is suitable for subsequent surface finishing, such as clay plasters, tiles, wallpaper and many more. The wood screws are not visible in the wood surface,  either and are connected by tongue and groove.

The inner board layers consist of carefully processed soft wood, like spruce and fir, arranged in different directions (horizonal, vertical, diagonal). These are screwed together without distortion or expansion and, at the same time, serve for statics, insulation and fire protection.

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