Modern house exterior

Located in Elgin, this Type C Caber House highlights the suitability of the designs for rural or urban sites.

A vertical two-storey window, which follows the roof’s geometry, offers a great view and highlights the living and dining room’s double height. The open-plan spaces and reduced internal partitions make the best use of materials, and the use of timber on the elevations creates a style that complements the character of a listed building’s environs while being contemporary and following the client’s needs.

As with all our Caber House designs, the design was developed on a fabric first approach based on Passivhaus principles. This design makes use of natural resources, and the orientation takes the best advantage of solar gain.

Passivhaus detailing eliminates cold-bridging while also inhibiting condensation and mould growth and a draft lobby forms an air-lock to avoid losing heat when entering, further protected by an entrance canopy.

High-performance windows complete the insulation envelope and fresh air is provided through a mechanical heat recovery system. With the landscaping nearing completion, this is a truly stunning example of a Caber House.

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