Solar panels on roof connected to battery by Carbon Legacy

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a cost effective solar battery that will help you make the most of renewable energy.

Customers often ask us how to increase their low 25-30% self-use of free solar power and minimise electricity bills.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 has come to the rescue with a massive 13.5kwh of useable storage capacity compared to the often undersized 4-6kwh systems offered elsewhere. These small capacity systems priced between £5,500 – £8,800 whereas the Tesla provides twice the capacity for £7,650.

Self-Builders installing new PV & Solar Batteries benefit from the zero-rated VAT reducing the Tesla Powerwall cost to £6,340

With careful analysis of your existing solar generation, mains electricity usage and most importantly your pattern of consumption, we can look to make full use of the best value Tesla Battery. Not only will it store free solar energy during the day for release in the evening/night time, but it can also be charged overnight for only 5p/kwh from companies such as Green Energy.

To date we have had to construct spreadsheets to provide estimates of battery energy savings. Working with Nottingham University we will shortly have a battery model that will use collected data along with generation and consumption to predict the best battery size and energy savings.

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