Clapham Construction bedroom

Over the years we have carried out hundreds of design and build loft conversions.

We are proud of every one of them, turning each disused attic space into beautiful rooms for our clients and families.

In London, where space is at a premium and still a family city, more space is often required. Perhaps you want that spare room for guests, a home office or want to develop your property for sale or rent, Whatever you’re looking to do with your London loft conversion, Clapham Construction service has already done it for someone else and we can do it for you.

Hassle Free
Well any works in your home is a hassle, but we know how to make this as straight-forward and seamless as possible… it’s what we do best

Our works are warrantied, but they will stand much longer than that. We are builders primarily and our teams are experts with Quality on our mind – you will get weekly inspections by the owner to ensure we deliver.

10 – Year Warranty
Exactly what it says. We provide you with a warranty to cover you and your home for any defect from our works so you don’t have to worry. In addition, you get an independent certificate by the regulators confirming that our works meet the approved building standards.

Complete Process
We manage the design and build for you, planning permission, Structural design, Building Control … and your project manager will be on your site almost daily to oversee the works and keep you updated.

We Add Value
A loft conversion with us can add up to 25% to the value of your home… making it one the best Investments you can make.

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