Complete Stair System Model 76

Our Model 76 spiral stair is the most modern and stylish spiral we offer. It’s transparent treads and sleek stainless balustrade design create a very open and light stair. Many of our staircases are designed in a way that they become features within a dwelling but none more so than the model 76. It has the ultimate ‘wow’ factor quality. This model is suitable for all domestic applications.

It is a custom made spiral, so each model created is unique, designed to the particular floor to floor height, diameter and rotation to suit the property. Clients can choose from glass or acrylic treads and several options of balustrade design around the perimeter.

Being a custom made flight, each spiral is drawn carefully at the outset to ensure the correct entry and exit points are plotted. With all spirals it is important that the position of the first and last step work in the setting and with the general traffic flow of the building. The characteristics of each property is unique so a spiral has to be designed accordingly. From drawing approval, the model 76 spiral takes around 9-10 weeks to produce.

Each spiral stair comes complete with a top platform which is set level with the upper floor. Matching landing balustrade is often supplied to protect the opening in the floor which is designed to the precise length or curve required.

The model 76 spiral stair is formed by a series of interlocking barrels and treads which slot over the centre column. These transparent treads cantilever directly out from the centre column creating a very light and open feel.

Contact us for a price for our model 76 spiral. All we need to know is the height and the diameter of the flight.

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