MemTech membranes as offered by Delta Membranes

Basements and below-ground construction projects need protection from gas contamination. The technical solution to this is to ensure you have a Gas Protection System in place.

We offer several methods to choose from to achieve gas protection to both existing and new build homes.

MemTech M1

This is a flexible, loose laid ground gas barrier membrane made from low-density polythene with a foil core layer. It can be used as a gas barrier and damp proof membrane for application on concrete ground floors, above and below the slab, to protect your structure against moisture, radon, methane and carbon dioxide contaminates from the ground.

MemTech R1

This gas barrier is a flexible, loose laid proprietary barrier for sites with radon gas – a naturally occurring radioactive gas that’s odourless, tasteless and colourless and found across the UK. This product is a three layer, low density polyethylene membrane reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcement grid.

MemTech Liquid Gas Barrier (LGB)

A ready to use styrene butadiene latex based liquid applied gas membrane offering simple, continuous passive gas prevention barrier against the ingress of methane, carbon dioxide, radon, VOC, air and moisture into buildings. MemTech LGB also acts as a waterproofing membrane complying with Building Regulations for England and Wales.

MemTech Titan

This membrane was manufactured using the latest extrusion technology in gas protection.  It offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings (and their residents) against all levels of hydrocarbons, methane, carbon dioxide and radon gas ingress.

MemTech Void Vent 25

A membrane offering a passive venting solution which facilitates the dispersal and dilution of dangerous gases. It was specially designed to provide for high levels of air and gas flow. This product is second to none for its protection against dangerous gases and chemicals and has been optimised for maximum strength and performance.


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