Constructions workers carrying our a basement conversion

Changing a basement into a habitable space is a great way to invest in the value of your property, while creating a useful extra living area for your family.

Waterproofing a basement ensures that the integrity of the structure. All basements should be constructed to cope with groundwater levels up to the full retained height of the area.

In principle, a cavity drain membrane system allows moisture or running water to travel behind the membrane within a controlled drainage system. A cavity drain system requires minimal preparation and disturbance to an existing structure.

Delta’s range of cavity drainage membranes include: MS500, MS20, PT and FM. Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) our membranes offer superior drainage capacity and compressive strengths.

The concept of a drained cavity system is to collect and manage any ground water which breaches the integrity of a structure by managing, collecting and discharging free water via a suitable evacuation point such as a Delta Package Pump Station.

Delta Package Pump Stations are suitable for the evacuation of ground water, surface water and foul water.

British Standard 8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground (BS8102:2009) recommends that every waterproofing project incorporates a Waterproofing Design Specialist.

A Waterproofing Design Specialist offers expertise in structural waterproofing.  As with any basement construction, consideration to groundwater, soil type, precipitation, topography and ground conditions/site analysis needs be addressed. All of Delta’s Technical Team are CSSW qualified surveyors and registered to the “Waterproofing Design Register”.  Our Technical Team would be delighted to help with your waterproofing projects.


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