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Add individuality with our Mixed Blends

Roof tiles can enhance the character, value and desirability of any home. Our traditional clay roof tiles, with their natural clay colours, have a timeless appeal and enduring quality, that will bring warmth and individuality to your home.

At Dreadnought we have been manufacturing traditional clay roof tiles at our Works in Brierley Hill since 1805 and they have the same shape and natural variable tones as the tiles we made centuries ago.

Our Staffordshire colours range from blues and brindles, through to browns and reds.  As the only manufacturer to produce clay tones organically through the kiln-firing process, without any artificial additives or pigments, every tile is different with a subtle colour variation that does not fade over time.

By mixing tiles of different tones together on the roof, you can give your home a truly individual and unique look!

Our favourite blends

With our long experience of blending roof tile colours, we have developed some favourites:

The Collingwood blend is a rustic and elegant blend of brown brindle and country brown tiles.

The Trafalgar blend is a distinctive mix of 3 colours, brown brindle, country brown and brown antique.

The Vintage blend (which was chosen for the Build It house at Graven Hill) is a mix of country brown, brown brindle and red tiles.

These mixes can be supplied in a smooth faced, sand faced or a rustic finish to suit your home.  If you’d like to create your own distinctive blend, we can advise and help, supplying you with samples so that you can lay them out at your site and see what will look best in your surroundings.


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