Dreadnought tiles

Authentic Staffordshire blue

At Dreadnought, we believe that you simply cannot beat the subtle beauty of our natural clay colours that will mellow and mature over time, blending in with their surroundings.

The flagship of our range is our Staffordshire Blue, which is a high quality, traditional, plain blue tile.  As the most historically authentic blue clay roof tile available today, it is the natural replacement tile for re-roofing and restoration projects, as well as adding distinction to more architectural looking modern self-build homes. It can be used for both roofing and tile hanging on walls.

Made from the same fine Etruria Marl clay for over 200 years, our roof tiles have the same shape and retain the same natural variation of tones as those made centuries ago.

We produce our colours in the traditional way purely from control of the kiln atmosphere and without the use of any additives, surface stains and artificial pigmentations.

Create your dream roof

The small size of our plain clay tiles, together with our wide range of matching fittings and ornamentals will allow you to create a roof that is truly individual.  You can choose from a variety of finishes to suit the style of property you are building.

Our Classic Staffordshire blue tile is a handmade tile, with variations in texture and shape to give your roof a special character and olde-world charm.

Our Rustic Staffordshire blue tile is a handcrafted tile with a textured sanded finish and distressed tail edge to give a soft effect on the roof.

Our Machine-made Staffordshire blue tiles have a traditional single camber shape and  can be either smoothfaced or sandfaced.  These smooth tiles can have a subtle sheen in some lights and are often chosen for contemporary architectural homes.

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