Ornamental clay tile extension using Dreadnought Tiles

The existing material pallet of this rural farmhouse in Wiltshire was largely handmade bricks, clay tiled roofs and vertical tiling. It has recently been restored and extended by Emil Eve Architects and features Dreadnought Classic handmade arrowhead tiles as vertical cladding on the new extension.

“We wanted to compliment the existing material pallet of the house which incorporated many terracotta elements such as handmade bricks, clay tiled roofs and hanging tile cladding. By combining the handmade arrowhead tiles with crisp metal elements we were seeking to establish the volume as a contemporary addition to the building, the next chapter in the story of a historic building,” explains Ross Perkins from Emil Eve Architects.

The mixed colour blend that Ross has selected is very effective in tying together the old and new elements of the house. It is a blend that works well with both the old and the new.

Dreadnought Tiles are known for their traditional natural clay colours which are achieved through expert control of the kiln atmosphere generating natural colour variations and beautiful compatible shades of clay. Most other tiles on the market today are coloured using applied stains and coloured sands and do not have the same warmth and subtlety of natural clay colour.

This project is a great example of the inspiring use of a traditional Victorian building material in a contemporary design.

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