Ornamental Roof Tiles

A choice of 4 ornamental tiles to embellish your roof

Ornamental tiles were very popular in Victorian architecture and are still often used to add interest to large expanses of roof or vertical cladding. Dreadnought offer a range of 4 classic Victorian shapes Club, Fishtail, Spade and Arrowhead.

In the main they are used either in a series of bands or in diamond shapes and tend to look best, tiled as an odd number of courses i.e. 3 or 5. Whilst Dreadnought ornamental tiles and plain tiles in the same colour provide a subtle feature, a more striking contrast can be obtained if the ornamental tiles are shown in different colours.

Design Techniques

The small format of Dreadnought clay tiles together with the wide range of special fittings they offer allows you to create a roof that is truly individual. Bonnet hips provide a rounded soft profile, while arris hips fit closer together giving a sharper outline to the roof. The use of valley tiles also adds an attractive aesthetic to a roof.

There are a wide range of ridges within the Dreadnought range, both ornamental and plain and they can even match old broken roofing features for restoration projects.

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