Environment Logic - One System

Environment Logic and Solarwatt, the leading German manufacturer of complete photovoltaic systems, have partnered to present a complete, high-performance solar and storage system.

Solarwatt is the only solar PV supplier to develop and produce all essential system components for the products, management and storage of electricity. The company backs it’s products with the longest available manufacturing and performance warranties (with full coverage, all the components of your solar power system are insured).

Energy Production: Solarwatt’s glass-glass modules are long-lasting and extremely robust against environmental influences, with impressively high yields. They are lightweight like conventional glass-foil modules and are straightforward to install.

Management: Solarwatt’s unique System measures, controls and visualises each and every aspect of your photovoltaic system and household appliances. This intelligent system enables optimal use of your solar power production.

Storage: Solarwatt’s MyReserve smart battery offers complete usage flexibility, enabling users to access power from the sun at any time, day or night, so you are not restricted to using your green energy only when it’s being produced.

Founded in 1993, Soalrwatt is a pioneer of the German solar-energy industry. The company is now one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of solar modules, providing complete intelligent energy solutions for private and commercial use.

With seven years of bespoke solar and storage expertise, Environment Logic is the natural choice as the company’s partner in the UK, offering full design, supply, installation and maintenance of this game-changing system.

Find out more about Environment Logic’s integrated technology solutions to meet your home’s energy demands.


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