timber frame home with black cladding

Terry Green and artist Mickey Dell approached Facit Homes to design them a new house. They were keen to create a contemporary piece of architecture that would be eco-friendly, sit comfortably in the garden of their existing Victorian terraced house and become the place they spent the rest of their lives.

Planning the scheme

The challenging plot required a clever design approach as it features a considerable bank that rises up by two storeys to meet the rear gardens of the houses on the adjacent street.

Facit developed a simple plan formed of two interconnecting volumes, aligned to respond to the geometry of the garden and driveway. Both parts of the house feature monopitch roofs to help prevent debris from the trees accumulating on the surfaces.

The future-proof design means the main living and sleeping areas are located on the ground floor. The kitchen and lounge form the heart of the house and offer a direct connection to the garden via a large triple-glazed sliding door.

The master bedroom faces south to take advantage of the fantastic views of the sloping wooded garden. Large windows flood the home with natural light and maximise surrounding views of Maryon Park and a community allotment.

Digitising construction

An architect, manufacturer and contractor rolled into one, Facit Homes has developed a unique, accurate approach to transforming bespoke designs into stunning finished houses.

The company uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to convert detailed plans into a complete model of the property. This data is translated into cutting patterns for the firm’s flying factory, allowing the super-insulated Facit Chassis to be precision-manufactured on site.

The digitised process ensures a streamlined, efficient build and great integration between the design office and site team. “One of the big plus points of the Facit Homes system is they provide very detailed costings,” says Terry.

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