Unique renovation

How do you transform a dilapidated 100-year-old coastguard tower into a beautiful, modern family home? With the help of a Master Builder company of course.

A coastguard tower in the small fishing village of Usan in Scotland was once a focal point in the community before if fell into disrepair. Determined to rescue the relic, a local fisherman purchased the property and hired Master Builder company MCK Construction to take on the challenge of creating a home that achieved the client’s ambitious vision.

Regular two-way communication and a good relationship between the builder and client were key to the success of the project and helped to ensure any issues were quickly resolved. One such challenge was a lack of access roads, which was overcome through the goodwill of a neighbour providing access through an adjacent field.

Given the structure’s heritage MCK Construction also consulted regularly with the planning department to ensure as much of its original character was preserved as possible. This included incorporating grand stone steps – once leading into the original lookout post – into the master bedroom and repointing stonework.

To bring the building up to modern standards and meet Scottish building standards concerning U-values and energy performance, MCK Construction used zinc cladding on the first-floor bedroom’s bay window to preserve the stunning panoramic views of the Scottish coastline and the North Sea. The kitchen’s dark grey zinc bay window offers a similar spectacle, with double glazing used throughout to ensure maximum solar efficiency.

The extension features a timber frame structure with large gable glazing, maintenance-free cement cladding, and a zinc standing-seam roof covering, with a distinct joint between the new roof covering and the old stonework connecting the old with the new.

To find out more about this award-winning project, or to find a professional, quality builder near you, visit the FMB website.


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