Floors of stone tiles

At Floors of Stone we don’t like to follow fads and trends, we like to choose our products for their longevity, and classic beauty. Products that will stand the test of time, not date within a couple of years. Flooring is not something you want to be changing often!

Whilst natural stone will always be our first love, we understand that some customers are looking for something more practical and low maintenance. So we went out and sourced the best replica stone flooring we could find. Introducing the new Ravello Porcelains.

These beautiful, hard-wearing Italian tiles have been cleverly designed to mimic the look of natural stone, making them difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

With three colourways – ivory, beige and grey – the surface of the tiles have scuffs and pits; mottled tones and aged edges, to give the impression of a time-worn, original limestone floor. They come in a large format 600 x 900 tile, which are ideal for kitchens, and the tiles can also be used externally for an infinity finish.

Whilst white limestone floors are beautiful, they’re not always practical in busy family homes, so the Ravello Ivory Porcelain with its pale, chalky tones, is a great alternative.

The Ravello Beige Porcelain is full of warm, mottled shades of beige, fawn, biscuit and grey, which blend together to create the appearance of an original stone floor. The cooler, grey tones of the Ravello Grey Porcelain give a more industrial feel and mimic the look of a flagstone floor.

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