Force Maintenance external wall insulation

How does external wall insulation work?

EWI creates a barrier that stops heat escaping through your walls. It uses insulation material such as rockwool, wood fibre and polystyrene slabs.

The slabs are held in place with fixing anchors which are drilled into the existing walls, and then covered with a layer of reinforcing mortar. This is covered with a fiber glass mesh, which when dry, gives the insulation system its structural strength.

The last stage is to add a primer layer and decorative render to it. The result is the addition of approximately 9cm of thickness to your walls, trapping the heat in your house. Consequently, it’ll make your home warmer during those bitter cold nights and cooler in the summer months.

Case Study

Mr & Mrs Vijay approached FMTL last summer to discuss adding EWI to his semi-detached house. Mr. Vijay explained the home was very cold during the winter, so the main objective for us was to improve the U-values and comfort levels, while maintaining the property’s appearance.

Over the coming days, our dedicated experts worked tirelessly to meet their needs.  Mr. and Mrs. Vijay’s home is subsequently warmer than ever, reducing their energy costs too. The property’s appearance was protected with a coat of white render. Here is what they had to say:

“We are delighted by the results of our SWI. From the get go FMTL were extremely professional and supportive. They respected our needs and did their level best to protect the appearance of our exterior facade. Above all the quality of the work delivered is truly exceptional. Our house is now warmer than ever. We couldn’t have been happier with FMTL and will be recommending them to all our friends and family.”

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