Detached house

“We think the basement is the best idea we have had. Extending downwards rather than outwards creates living space without reducing the size of the garden. We have gained comfortable living space which is light and airy. Day light was introduced by adding a window and a large glass door for direct access into the garden from the basement.” Says the homeowner.

“Due to the high-quality air circulation in the basement, the air is always very fresh. There is excellent standing height.  It has provided a fantastic area for extra activities, be it hobbies, a bit of DIY or having a nice wine tasting with friends. Our basement creates the extra space we always wanted and makes the house much more complete.”

With all the elements of the project coming together, selecting their basement partner was one of the easier choices. Glatthaar had originally been recommended by their prefabricated house manufacturer, they were the only firm who could confidently deliver a totally safe and waterproof basement system.

As the howowner explains: “We researched the market and there is only Glatthaar Keller. They are a highly professional company who build basements and have a lot of big project experience. We felt they would be able to handle a project of our size well. We met with Thomas and Anthony from Glatthaar,  who have supported us throughout the whole process and were important key players in the completion of the project, always giving good advice.

“Whenever things got complicated and we didn’t know quite how to proceed, a call to Glatthaar always helped us to find an answer. The team stuck with us through the delay and were able to make necessary amendments to the design.  They liaised with the housebuilder with whom they had a very good relationship.”



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