Graven Hill The Street Terry and Olwen Waite front of house

House Fact File

  • House style: Three bedroom detached home
  • Work commenced: April 2017
  • Build status: Completed September 2018

Leaving their quiet village in Northamptonshire, Terry and Olwen Waite set out to create a brand new stand-out home at Graven Hill. Their self build was one of the first 10 pioneering projects followed on television in the Grand Designs series, The Street. For this couple, constructing a home from scratch was a way to get a high-quality house tailored to their specific needs, so they thoroughly researched their project by going to self build shows to make the most of this opportunity.

Backed by some building experience, Terry was able to get hands on, project managing and doing a lot of the construction work himself. They used Durisol blocks to create the new 124m2 home, and were impressed with the quick construction speed these offered. Terry learnt how to build with this method and attended other training courses to pick up new skills and ensure he was doing things properly. They’re thrilled with the result, with the final build cost coming in at £275,000.

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