Graven Hill - Tom Aeires & Adam Foster's Custom Build Home

House Fact File

  • House style: Three bedroom terraced home
  • Work commenced: February 2018
  • Build status: Completed July 2018

Thomas and Adam were first time buyers looking for a home that was more than just a short-term starter property. When they came across Graven Hill, they found that the houses were better quality and more spacious than others eligible for Help to Buy, and their interest was piqued.

“The floorplan options were what originally drew us to Graven Hill’s Custom Build New Homes,” says Thomas. “We had three different layouts to choose from, allowing us to select the scheme we felt most connected to. We also liked the fact that reconfiguring the floorplan at a later stage is always an option as there were no internal load-bearing walls. The level of customisation potential really intrigued us and has meant our first home is not a compromise.”

After going on one of the Graven Hill bus tours at the beginning of 2018, they reserved a plot the following month in February, moving into their new home in July the same year.

“It all happened very quickly and we couldn’t be happier about that,” says Thomas. “The community that is developing around us is great. Rather than having a street of clones, we have a road full of individual properties. We moved in around the same time as our neighbours and we were instantly able to bond over our various building journeys.”

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