Halcyan Water Conditioner

Headquartered in the UK, Halcyan Water Conditioners are a sustainable solution for the prevention of lime-scale accumulation. Our products prevent new limescale accumulations and removes existing scale across all systems in hard water areas.

Limescale creates a significant increase in energy consumption, decreases equipment efficiency and reliability, increases maintenance and makes cleaning harder, plus it diminishes the appearance of your home. But that same hard water is high in healthy minerals, so the ideal solution is to keep your water hard but prevent it creating these problems.

Our unique alloy core does exactly that, achieving excellent results without using any salts or chemicals. It doesn’t require any power, there are no ongoing costs and no maintenance is required. Each unit lasts over 30 years and comes with a 30 year warranty for peace of mind. In addition, it’s a really quick inline installation, avoiding any loss of cupboard space. The Halcyan system is WRAS certified, ensuring it meets all UK safety drinking water standards.

Halcyan conditioners comes in two domestic sizes. For the vast majority of UK homes, the H2o9 unit is the ideal size. It’s a small, tidy unit that delivers a great flow rate of 17 lpm, ample to meet the needs of most households. But for those homes that anticipate a very high-flow demand on a regular basis, the larger H2o18 may be a more suitable choice.

We’re always very happy to run through your system demands with you or your plumber to ensure you’re choosing the optimum unit for your home. Remember that bigger is not necessarily better with Halcyan.

Halcyan units work effectively in commercial buildings, food and drink manufacturing, hospitals, mining, municipal housing and hospitality systems globally.

Halcyan’s passivity and longevity make it one of the most sustainable solutions available on the UK market.

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