Timber frame house with water coditioner

“That device is doing exactly what it says on the tin.”

In 2015, Mrs B started planning a timber frame sustainable home, with Passivhaus standards in mind. Her years spent in Africa made her conscious of the human impact on our environment. This led her to think about ways of reducing a wasteful lifestyle.

A Halcyan system fitted perfectly with this approach. It is the only chemical-free system that uses a solid state alloy to condition the water, abolishing limescale build up, while using no energy and having no impact on the water’s wider environment.

After two years of research into every minute part of the build, Mrs B’s home incorporates many sustainable features to complement the Halcyan water conditioner. There is underfloor heating on a permanent thermostatic setting and an MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) system. There’s also a GROHE smart water sensor, Passivhaus-standard triple glazed windows and stainless steel water tanks.

Mrs B and her husband sold their home of 30 years and rented a house during the build process, so they were aware of the hardness of the water in the Midlands. They were descaling equipment and appliances every month, struggling to clean water outlets and even developing skin problems.

Mrs B resolved to prevent this in her new home. She wanted to avoid the enormous increase in energy usage caused by internal limescale deposits, as well as the harsh chemicals required to clean them off.

The in-line Halcyan water conditioner was fitted during second fix, straight after the stop tap, by some admittedly sceptical builders.

After three months of living in her beautiful new home with no limescale build up, Mrs B certainly feels vindicated.

Even her window cleaner is happy to use her tap water now, saying:

“You know what. Your water’s really good here.”


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